Sue Lundquist created an amazing business based on gratitude. Her radio show, The Gratitude Cafe, is a series of uplifting messages. I was privileged to be on her show this week.

In the first half of the show, we talk about my background and reveal some profound insights into why people get sick and where their illness shows up.

The focus of the second half of the show is on relationships where I introduce my free 5-day Relationship Challenge. It created a lot of activity and buzz. Here are the details:

According to 70 plus years of research at prestigious universities such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Yale, the number one factor that contributes to health wealth and happiness is your relationships. Your relationships come above what you eat, your exercise, your career, your mental or emotional health. Your relationships are that important.

One fast way to improve these relationships, whether they are past or current is to clear any poor energetic imprint they’ve left on you.

How would you know if you have such an imprint? Ask yourself when you think of that person or people, do you feel regret, sorrow, jealousy, anger, fear, guilt or shame. When this is a past relationship, it means that there are energetic shackles holding you back from moving forward as if you are still in a relationship with that person. In a present relationship, these low energy emotions can rob you of joy and or intimacy and keep you stuck in a pattern of self sabotage and even poverty.

When you are ready to release that old baggage, stinking up your life like rotting garbage, my free gift can help you move past those old feelings into a new place of joy, relief and gratitude. Imagine yourself freed of the weight of low energy emotions and how they can raise your frequency so you can become your best self.

A new free 5-day relationship challenge is in the making and will be available soon. The end result will be to give you new perspective on your relationships, no matter how painful they were, clear out the old harmful relationship baggage energetically, so you can move forward free of that old energy. My students say this is one of the most powerful teachings in my programs and not only have MY clients experienced amazing miracles, so have theirs.

To join or get on the early notification list, click here.

Listen to the radio program now:

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