April is a time of rebirth. The flowers are in explosive bloom after a winter of laying dormant. It’s time to move from your inner space to your outer world in the same way.

This is about exploring how you move from your inner world to the world around you through authentic communication. The way you communicate and the words you use them can either improve your relationship with yourself and others or damage them.

Individual words have energy. Feel the difference between “pretty” and “not ugly”.

In today’s blog post and radio show, we explore how this makes a huge difference in your life and how the world perceives and experiences your inner world. It will make a huge difference in your relationships and/or your business. After all, business is about relationships not products especially if you are providing valuable services.

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There are ways to release the fog from messages you hear all day long, such as cutting cords and grounding, standby tools for clearing energy you don’t want.  There are also some really great imagery exercises, such as imagining you’re walking up a mountain trail or over looking the ocean and it’s just you and the world.  No one else is there, nothing else matters, it’s just you and your higher power.  What are you hearing now?

I’ve prepared a mini guide for protecting yourself from others, which includes their messages and lower energy.  It’s free, you can download it here.

For those of you ready to talk to me about bringing success into your life the easy way, go to http://scientifichealer.com/contact to send me a note or to http://scientifichealer.com/appointment when you’re ready to take action.

Listen to the radio program now:

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