Ever since I was very young, I can remember being intensely curious about the world around me, how it worked on a very fundamental level, and what it was made of.  Whether it be other planets, human physiology or who is God.  This led to a series of parallel threads in my life including a long career as a professor/research scientist studying the nature of vibrations in matter, an in depth exploration of human health/potential/longevity, and esoterica.

Esoterica because I come from a long line of Greek ancestors with amazing “clair” skills such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc.  A number of us are skilled healers, where everyone around us, both animals and humans, reach higher potentials of health and success in life than they could have even imagined themselves

I always joked that I had to be this unlikely combination because I am a descendant of Plato, Pythagorus and Hippocrates.

My goddess inspiration was always Athena, born of Zeus' intelligence and imparter of wisdom.  This is no surprise: I've been told over and over again that my thinking about life, relationships and success are well off the beaten path.  Imparting these ideas during my courses and healing sessions have helped transform the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people for the better.

My various activities converged into one career when I become very ill 20 years ago.  I became my first client alleviating several conditions through energy healing, daily practices, and proper physical care.  This formula was developed from years of testing: hypothesis, action, results, developed in my scientific career.

I learned from my work on hundreds of human and animal clients that "our bodies were designed to be healthy" and that scientific cause and effect was at the bottom of every issue.

The real scientific evidence for the existence of subtle energies is all around us.

Instead of being put on the shelf labeled as quackery, my mission is to bring the care back into health care.   Changing the paradigm of health and healing to start with a gentler approach before taking out the heavy guns of medication or operation.  Don't get me wrong, I applaud current medical science.  They gave my mom 45 more years of life because without it, I wouldn't have gotten to experience her the wonderful way I did.   I loved teaching pre-medical students.  They are amazing giving people.

Unfortunately, the number three cause of death is current medical science. Third behind cancer and heart disease, both preventable and healable.  I would rather join forces with open minded doctors, dentists, nutritionists, healers of all sorts, to come up with a new solution that allows us to raise our standards to help people survive well into their 70s, 80s and beyond with the health of a vibrant 35 year old.

Join my mission, connect with me so we can all collaborate.