Q: How do you deliver the sessions?

Sessions are usually by phone, or Skype.  Distance does not reduce its effectiveness.  Healing is never done without permission.  An exception to that is coma patients and children.

Q: What happens in the first session?

In the first session, once I hear your voice, I connect with you and start doing a “tune-up” based on what your body tells me it needs.  I will chat with you in conversation, you can tell me what you’d like to solve or talk about anything that you’d like.  I don't like to dwell on what's wrong so I will talk about more cheerful things to bring your mood up.  I work while talking.  I'm moving my hands and body the whole time moving, freeing, and adjusting your energy.

After the initial tune-up, which can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, I will work on the most urgent issues first. In the case of a localized pain, I will seek to lift it.  Sometimes, the cause of the pain is deep seated and complex.  This just means it’s a challenge that needs solving, not that it can’t be solved.

Q: How long will it take until I am healed?

The healing is not magical or instantaneous, although most of the time, you’ll get nearly instant relief from whatever discomfort you are experiencing.  Often the first half hour session will ease the problem, and this will hold up to several weeks.  The goal is a long lasting healing.  It generally takes 90 days for your body to shift.  It still needs tending to on your part (you will have tools and instructions) much like a garden that needs weeding.

Q:  What is it you are doing when you are healing me?

I guide healing energy from the divine onto/into you, it doesn’t matter your belief system or even if you believe I can do it.  It helps if you are receptive and I must have your permission to work on you.  I have a series of protocols that I've developed over the last years that are very effective, I'm following this set of protocols to clear on all levels of your existence: spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, financial and relational.

Q. What makes you different from other healers?

I have a vast array of experiences, in depth knowledge of the physics of energy, years of study on health, and a huge spectrum of possible causes of your issues, which I can read from your body. If I can’t solve the issue immediately, I often have to perform a series of procedures to allow me to peel back the layers to reach the core issue.  The end result is relief.

Q.  Did you go to school to learn this?

Yes, I took many classes.  I have the equivalent of a second PhD from all the study into medicine and healing.

Q. Do I still need to go to the doctor if I have a health issue?

Emphatically yes.  I cannot monitor your blood chemistry, size of any tumors or other issues directly as I don’t have the instruments.  I can only read your energy body.  Your doctor can monitor your progress but cannot perform the kind of healing work I am doing.  Your doctor is your partner in health. I do work in partnership with doctors I respect that are talented in helping people.  I will recommend one or the other to help monitor things if you don't have one you like.

Q.  What are your healing packages?

I have group programs, both healing and teaching you how.  I also have up to ten private clients at a time: the packages are custom made for them.

Q.  How do you take payment?

Checks, cash, Paypal or tell me your card number and I’ll put it through my processor.  I can also swipe your card on my reader in person.

Q. How do I make an appointment?

Click on the link on my appointment page to get to my calendar and make sure you leave me your best phone number or SKYPE id.  When you make an appointment for SKYPE, I will send you a note from my id telling you it’s me.  Choose an available time.

Q. How do I maintain my healing?

I will send you follow up instructions as well as a book (coming soon) that gives you specific dietary and lifestyle suggestions that help you reach optimal health and help maintain your healing.  The healing is the fast track: the follow-up behavior is the maintenance.  I am also in the process of recording meditations healing audios that will help expedite and maintain healing.

If you would like to set up a session, please click on the appointment link or call:  310-692-4036 and leave a message.  I will return your call usually sooner than 24 hours.