"Who else wants to be lean and healthy forever?"

Yes, you read that right.  You'll never have to think about losing weight ever again.

Can you even imagine that?

If the following speaks to you, then you are in the right place:

  • Have you struggled for years to get to your ideal weight, even doing all the right things, and nothing worked?
  • Or do you have the same thing in two or three different sizes in your closet or have all "stretchy" clothes because of your yo-yo-ing weight?
  • How about reaching your goal weight but not being able to maintain it?
  • Are you fed up with dieting all together?

I am.  I struggled for years to get my post menopausal weight off.  Nothing I did helped.  It would come off very very slowly then one stressful incident would counteract six months of hard work.  I got really tired carrying an extra 30, 40 and even 50 lbs.

I did a lot of energy work around weight, and I don’t have any more cravings or desire to eat what I shouldn’t.  When I did this for other people, they lost a lot of weight easily and have kept it off.

Not me.  I just had to work too hard to move my weight down even one pound.

Enter Alisa Slattery, the Queen of Weight Loss.  She is phenomenal at helping clients get to their ideal weight and, more importantly, keep it there.  With her help, I am very close to my ideal weight now.  If you haven’t seen me lately, I am down from a size 14 to an 8 dress, and a size six pant.  It hasn't been a struggle at all.  In fact, it is fast and effective.

Her program is amazing.  You truly only need to go through her program once because of her five star coaching.  All of her clients are successful, no exceptions.

Imagine a life in which

  • you never ever have to buy 3 sizes of clothing to accomodate your changing girth.
  • whatever article of clothing you reach for and wear will look great on you.
  • whatever picture is taken of you, you look at it and feel good about how you look.
  • thinking about losing weight is finally in your past, forever.

You can be whatever size you want. As lean as you want at whatever age, even after the dreaded "change of life" where your body chemistry shifts and frumpiness typically sets in.

There has never been a program like this. I know, I have studied the issue of having excess fat for nearly fifty years. Most programs help you burn the fat off one way or another, but once your done, you are on your own.  This creates repeat customers that are forever yo-yoing with their weight. It's expensive and demoralizing.   THIS IS IN YOUR PAST.

Alisa knows what it takes because she has walked the walk with an amazing 82 lb transformation.

Her program is fast and effective and most of all, Alisa makes it fun.  Her no nonsense approach to eating clean and healthy, her experience with many hundreds of clients and their continued success, and her infectious positive attitude make this a great experience. You are no longer facing this difficult issue alone.

See what Marcia Wieder, founder of Dream University and Visionary has to say about Alisa:

Some people will try to convince you otherwise, but the reason for getting to your ideal weight is HEALTH. As the scientific healer, I can verify that everyone's energetic blueprint is lean. Your energetic blueprint is the information that you are born with that shows your body how to be vibrant and healthy. That means anytime you carry excess weight, your health is suffering.

One issue that people find is that they have trouble shifting to a new leaner body.  To solve this, you will get an 8 week program working with  me, Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, the scientific healer, to help you remove the energetic programming that has caused the problem in the first place at no extra investment. Unlike the psychology programs that have you in therapy figuring out why you are overeating, here your internal programming gets shifted energetically. This means you don't even need to know the reasons you ate too much or the wrong things in the first place or the reasons your body gained weight by looking at a piece of chocolate cake. Here, your body is reprogrammed with new healthy energetic patterns, including emotional, DNA, mental, inherited, and physical patterns.

Both programs are stand alone in what they do, but together, it's a one-two punch that can solve being overweight for good.

Are you ready to get off the yoyo diet program and finally be at your ideal weight permanently?

If you are ready to be lean and healthy for the rest of your life,  join us on the charter program Alisa and I are putting together.

In this program, you get a jump start to a healthier life. You are led through rapid fat releasing by a scientifically proven and safe method then trained on how to maintain your new weight.

If you are ready to be lean and healthy for the rest of your life,  join us on the charter program Alisa and I are putting together.

In this program, you get a jump start to a healthier life. You are led through rapid fat releasing by a scientifically proven and safe method then trained on how to maintain your new weight.

You get:

  • DAILY coaching, yes, a concierge level of service. You never have to wonder or seek out someone to get your questions answered. You are called every day, Monday through Friday for up to 12 weeks, depending on how much fat you wish to release on your first round.  Value: $5997
  • a full program guide book, Value $97
  • weekly group calls from Alisa, Value $1497.
  • a private (and active) facebook group filled with other veterans and monitored daily by Alisa, Value priceless.
  • telephone access for answering any and all of your questions, value priceless.
  • an 8 week program from Anastasia to reprogram your body energetically to be lean, included at no extra cost: value $997.
  • A one hour private session with Anastasia, value $500
  • A powerful healing audio for weight control, it supports the reprogramming in the program, value $97.
  • Access to recorded calls from the program and additional written materials on a private membership site, value $197.
  • Amazing bonus: Alisa will work with you directly instead of one of her coaches.

Total value: $9882

For this, Alisa has agreed to drastically discount her enrollment fee in our new joint venture which includes everything in her big program and my energetic healing program around weight issues.

My program is included at no extra investment.

Fill in the form or call now because this charter joint program is limited to 20 participants and 2 places are already taken before we've launched it. The program is by application only: we need to see if you are a good fit for this program. You can either call Alisa at (865) 408-8446 or Anastasia at 310-692-4036 or just fill in the form below and one of us will contact you immediately to get your questions answered.

Here is our conversation about this topic, aired as a two programs on Scientific Healing Radio.

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