The Proof is in the Science

We are all creators, in charge of a tremendous amount of energy in our cells to allow us to manifest what we'd like.  Most of us lack the instructions as to how to wield this energy or even understand how it interacts with our environment and other living creatures.

Picture this.  Even inanimate objects can create just by their interacting with each other. You may or may not have heard of wave particle duality. That is every particle, including particles of light called photons, has both a characteristic wavelength and it behaves as an object, depending on how you measure it. An electron, for example, can be observed by instruments to act as a particle or act as a wave, BUT NEVER AT THE SAME TIME. Does the instrument you use create the result?

It would stand to reason that when we interact with the world around us, each other, and with items and concepts, that we are changing the result or "creating" depending on how we view it.

You are harnessing tremendous power. You as a being are literally vibrating with tremendous energy, with trillions x trillions of physical and chemical reactions happening in your body every day.  You can channel this energy to transform your life to become vibrantly healthy, abundant, and connected to others in meaningfully ways. The scientific evidence confirms it.

Einstein discovered that every cell in your body IS energy.  At about the same time as this discovery, Dr. H.S. Burr was measuring the energy fields around living tissue. From these results, it is clear: you come with a unique energetic blueprint from the time you are a fertilized egg to the very end of your life.

Your work with me will help bring your personal energy to be more in line with your energetic blueprint so you live your best life. Application of the straightforward principals in Scientific Healing has produced over 250 medical miracles this last year.

Even more astonishing than the medical miracles are the personal transformations that include massive changes in "love and money", where incomes have increased by up to factors of six, existing relationships improve and single men and women have met the loves of their lives.

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