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What Others Are Saying

Cindy Goldenberg

“Anastasia is THE MOST AMAZING INTUITIVE ENERGY HEALER I’ve ever met! She helped me when no one else could. Truly not of this world. Fascinating, extremely accurate & instantly uplifting, I promise– you will never feel the same again! Unblock, Clear & Attract —Go See Her!! “


Dr. Marion Mehrer

Before I started working with Anastasia, my brain was foggy, I had no energy, I couldn’t deliver speeches coherently, I was in pain, and I could barely earn money.  During the first six months I’ve been working with Anastasia, I have earned an average of $10,000 per month. I then took her course “Energize Me” and discovered how easy it was for me to maintain my own health.”

Eiji Morishita

Dr. Anastasia Chopelas is the person I recommend to all my colleagues who need healing and traditional medicine or practices have failed. Her message needs to be heard. Anastasia has been my healer and I’ve noticed my energy and vitality significantly increase.

Aileen Campbell

"Aside from learning many amazing processes of energy healing, it helped me master my own abilities and divine spiritual gifts.  I learnt how to tap in and heal people, remotely, from across the other side of the world.  I know there are many valuable methods, modalities and healing mentors out there: I highly recommend this program with Dr. Anastasia"

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Physicist and fourth generation healer combines the best of these worlds to bring you Scientific Healing.  Thirty years ago, Anastasia was so sick that she only functioned for about 2 hours a day.  She used her analytical skills as a scientist and her healing abilities to create powerful new protocols.  Read more: 


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