11 Energetic Ways you connect to others and how to keep connections clean for healthy relationships

Jan 29, 2021

Discover the 11 energetic ways you connect to others and energetic clearings keep these connections healthy so you can have the best relationships ever. https://scientifichealer.com/relationship

Holidays are good time of year to examine your relationships more closely, because of the fallout often experienced during family gatherings during the holidays, even if you're not having them. You often recall painful memories, and it keeps you stuck in the past.

Your connections can be energetically cleared quickly

There are many kinds of relationship clearings that are explained in this broadcast. You will also hear of examples of how this affects you, especially if you have that one or more difficult relationships you haven't been able to solve or move past a stopping point.

The energetic clearings ease the path to moving beyond the block. The free relationship healing gives you part of what's needed to keep your relationships healthy for years to come.

First, you exchange energy by a variety of ways. That includes conversation, sharing a meal, a hug, personal touch, a look, any way you connect meaningfully with others. There are also those that take your energy because they think that is the way things are done. They didn't learn that they have their own infinite source.

Energy balance between people is key to healthy relationships

The person giving over the most energy in an exchange will find that after a while, they will feel depleted. In conversation, that's the person who gives up the most information. Even extroverts that thrive on human contact will end up depleted unless they are skilled at drawing out the other and having them give up information instead.

We connect with our fields, lines of energy, thought exchange, emotional connection, through your DNA, past lives, and more. Each connection can be cleared energetically so that relationship is satisfying and healthy. It only requires the healing of one person in a relationship and this shifts.

You can go through a small program that covers some of these connection with homework. As you do the exercises, you will likely discover new insights about yourself and your relationships: https://scientifichealer.com/relationship

Timeline for this broadcast

1:21 Energy Exchange with Conversation, Hugs
1:33 Energy Exchange by Sharing a meal
4:29 Getting off Center from Unpleasant Feelings
5:24 Getting Centered with Breath
6:47 Solving trauma from being physically punished
8:10 Collecting your energy back to heal you
10:44 Cording
11:08 Cutting excess cording
12:00 Connections by contracts and agreements
12:25 Karma as a tacit agreement
13:01 Your energetic or divine DNA
14:23 Consistent emotional pain building a wall
14:43 Your energetic or spiritual timeline
15:43 Your physical DNA
18:04 Your relationships affect your wealth directly
20:49 Restoring your diminished energy body from past relationships
21:22 Your energy field around your head or "halo"
21:48 Divine light of your cells promoting accelerated healing
23:06 Your life force is affected by relationship
25:00 https://scientifichealer.com/relationship

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