Heal You and Heal Your House of EMF, Bad Energy, and More with Focused Life Force Energy

Aug 10, 2023

Clayten Stedmann and Jeffrey Stegman have a service that sends high consciousness energy to anywhere it is needed. They have been on a mission to restore our planet to become more healed, especially in places where tragedy happened, such as concentration camps and war zones. They are able to do this at no cost from funds from their modestly priced programs.

Now, they have upgraded EMF protection to EMF 4.0 to filter out further frequency lowering effects of outside influences. This upgrade is a moderate change, perhaps in the 10% range of increased EMF Mitigation and may be felt physically by people particularly sensitive to EMFs. You may notice: A calming sensation. Improved sleep. Better Focus and Concentration

You too can stream this energy to your home or your phone, so you can take it with you wherever you go. You can even try it out for free. Get your free trial HERE: https://www.scientifichealer.com/FLFE 

Focus Life Force Energy (FLFE) is a revolutionary method that connects you to high consciousness energy via the quantum field. It is a powerful system that sends streams of high consciousness energy to specific locations, objects, or even cell phones.

Origins and Development of FLFE Technology

Early Attempts and Discoveries
The technology behind FLFE began with innovative attempts to generate electricity, inspired by Nikola Tesla's high-speed alternating current. This exploration led to the discovery of a way to charge objects like water and crystals with high consciousness energy, creating healing water that could alleviate ailments such as arthritis pain. It basically changes the hydrogen bonding in the water.

Evolution and Expansion
Over the past 17 years, FLFE technology has evolved and expanded into various applications. The development of a continuous fountain of healing water and the utilization of pictures to charge objects with energy are just a few examples of the advancements made in this field.

Applications and Impact of FLFE

Healing and Consciousness Activation
FLFE's energy can be directed to specific targets, activating a high Consciousness field almost instantly. This energy has been applied for various healing purposes, including pain relief and overall well-being enhancement.

EMF Mitigation and Plant Growth
FLFE has also found applications in EMF mitigation, harmonizing energy, and reducing negative effects associated with electromagnetic fields. Research has shown increased plant growth and yield under FLFE's influence, providing significant statistical evidence of its positive impact on the environment.

Consciousness and Relationships
FLFE delves into the concept of consciousness levels, using frameworks like Dr. David Hawkins' map of consciousness. Higher consciousness levels can counterbalance negativity and foster positive relationships. Studies have even shown that good relationships can affect DNA structure, lengthening telomeres, and changing the epigenetic structure.

Free Trials, Charity Work, and Personal Experiences

Free Trials and Global Impact
FLFE offers free trials of their service, allowing individuals to experience the benefits firsthand. Utilizing the service also contributes to charity work aimed at raising global consciousness levels, promoting a sense of unity and well-being.

Personal Anecdotes and Testimonials
Many have shared personal anecdotes about the positive effects of FLFE in their homes and gardens. From creating a cozy and comfortable ambiance to encouraging blooming desert plants and thriving orchids, FLFE's influence is tangible and uplifting.


Focus Life Force Energy (FLFE) represents an exciting frontier in the field of energy healing and Consciousness elevation. With its diverse applications, ongoing research, and commitment to global well-being, FLFE invites everyone to explore and experience the transformative power of high Consciousness energy. Whether you're interested in personal healing, environmental impact, or contributing to a higher global Consciousness, FLFE offers a unique and promising avenue to explore.


 6:01 The early discovery of high consciousness fields.
10:34 The importance of relationships and how they impact your health.
13:26 Managing Emfs in the home.
19:06 The different levels of consciousness in the world.
26:36 The harmonics effect
31:59 How plants react to FLFE

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