Activating Your Life Force Energy Field for You and Your House: EMF Protection

Apr 02, 2020

Clayten Stedmann and Jeffrey Stegman, the founders of FLFE Innovations Corp., keep upgrading their activation of the high consciousness field in and around you and your home.

You've already heard them twice on this show:
The first was about how your home environment was changed by activating the highconsciousness field in and around your home. The second was about activating the health level of the occupants in the home and added phone service.

This new show is about neutralizing the effect of emf radiation on the human energy field.

In this interesting interview, you'll hear about how the process of activating the energy field of an object or location was discovered and improved. All about the results people are experiencing and about emf mitigation, which is important for overall health and protecting your immune system.

First of all, there are emfs all around us, that is electromagnetic frequencies. Those that can affect your health and immune system are disharmonious to you, including wifi, smart meters, cell signals especially 5G, wireless headsets and bluetooth. Those are microwave signals.

When the high consciousness field around you is activated to protect you and your home, including the latest addition of emf mitigation, normal meters cannot distinguish the difference between having the FLFE activation on or off. Instead it is clearly observed in a measurement of the human energy field.

In the following image, the red trace shows the chaos of the human field around harmful emf signals while the blue trace shows a much more coherent and calm signal, similar to what's experienced with anger and happiness in HeartMath studies of field emanations of the heart. This is interpreted as the file 


Further information on EMFs can be found here:

Jeff and Clayten also describe the results of what people are experiencing after focused life force energy is turned on to your home, cell phone or other object. Clayten describes their one complaint: your grocery bill might increase because people feel so good in your house they tend to stay longer. You can watch this interview below or listen in at

To get a free 15 day trial, go to and see if you start to feel better too.

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