5 Healing Tips to Get Well Really Fast

May 12, 2019

In this broadcast, you'll get five tips (and a bonus tip) for getting back to full health really fast, even with things you've struggled with in the past. https://scientifichealer.com/wakeupbrain.

After losing my voice a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to get well again fast. I do a lot of talking to clients all day and wanted to keep serving them.

To put this issue into context, I have gone through this particular issue several times in my life and usually, the voice is gone for a minimum of 2 weeks then taking a full month to recover.

In this recent incident, I recovered my speaking voice in a day and was fully healthy in a week. The steps that I took to get myself well that quickly are outlined in the video.
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Timeline in this program.

2:30 Tip 1. Ask your body, why do you get this problem?
3:10 Hint: Journal with active imagination
5:58 Tip 2. Get stagnant energy moving
7:30 Hint: Try some simple yoga moves
8:21 Tip 3. Take immune boosting supplements
10:30 Tip 4. Center yourself.
12:23 Hint: Try superbrain yoga
12:38 Tip 5: Meditate - try https://scientifichealer.com/wakeupbrain
15:45 Bonus Tip: Ask for help!
17:10 Summary


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