Asperger’s Syndrome Revisited

Apr 13, 2013

After receiving a call for help for a 14-year old boy with Asperger's Syndrome, I met with him to discover he had many of the common symptoms.

Common Symptoms

  • Monosyllabic Answers
  • Unemotional facial expressions
  • Limited interests
  • Stiff physical movement
  • Highly functioning

For example, he only watches the History Channel on TV.  He has no favorite colors, no favorite shows, no favorite foods, and has limited personal contacts or other interests.

He was high functioning, learning the piano, doing delicate work such as hand hobbies, and going to a regular school.

Energetically, The Spirit is Off-center

Energetically, Asperger's is a general disconnect of the human spirit from the body.  The spirit is us and our body is the physical manifestation of the spirit.

If you consider the body to be a computer of sorts, the spirit is the programmer/operator.  A computer can't do very much without the programmer present.

Likewise, the body is limited in functionality without the spirit ensconced in it properly. Allopathic medicine has no real solutions.  There is no medication and progress is slow while in intensive one to one therapy.

Emotional Body Lacks Integration

They are not the easiest children to raise and often take intensive attention by the parents or a caretaker. (The emotional body is also not well-integrated so their emotions are not well expressed physically.  This leads to a flat affect.)

The healing took place in four sessions totalling a little over an hour. In the first twenty five minute session, I opened all the energy channels, brought the pancreas more energy and anchored the spirit to it.  The pancreas represents the sweetness of life and it's the best place to anchor life.

Bringing emotions back requires the integration of the emotions with the mental and physical aspects of existence.  But it can only be done stepwise, done in small increments or the changes are too large to stay.

Shifting the body into a healthy state takes some time.  It's not instantaneous or it doesn't hold.  It's like winning the lottery.  Most people cannot handle the winnings and they lose it all shortly afterwards.

Healing Results for All Four Session on Asperger's

At the end of this first session, emotions were on his face. His mom reported that his hips were engaging and moving more easily.. A week later, the next session, also 25 minutes, I re-energized  the brain, boosted the liver function, and reenergized several glands, including the adrenals, the pituitary, and the pineal gland.  I integrated the emotions another 25%.

By the end of the second session, he was speaking to me in full sentences and emotions were playing on his face quite clearly. The third session (one week later), ten minutes in length, showed that the client was expressing himself and his distaste for having the healing.  He didn't want to be talking to me, but we, his mother and I, convinced him it wasn't because he wasn't accepted the way he was but that this was to help him make his life easier.  He seemed content at this answer.  He was starting to talk in whole sentences and paragraphs.  I integrated his emotions a further 25%.

The fourth and final session, about a week later, involved only integrating the emotions fully into his being.  A visit to the doctor's office showed significant improvement overall.  The integration will continue as he gets used to his new way of being and his better expressed emotions.

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