Boost Your Immune System 2: avoid these 3 toxic substances to improve health FAST

Jun 15, 2020

Last time, you heard how complex your immune system.  It’s clear from what I talked about, mainly that your whole body is involved in immune defense, whether it comes through your nose/sinuses, your stomach, when you scratch your skin, or even when something soaks into our skin, your body goes into high alert, your adrenal glands fire, and your immune system goes to work helping your body defend itself.

The problem in today’s world, it’s often weakened and compromised.  How is it compromised?

To make it short and sweet, it’s compromised because it’s overloaded.  Unloading the stresses on your immune system is the fastest way to strengthen it.  

One way is to help your body detox from the toxic load on it.  The first step is to take in more water to help flush out the toxins.  It has the added benefit of helping your skin look smoother, fresher and younger, help your brain function with clarity and cognitive abilities, help your muscles work better and promote your bone marrow to produce the immune fighting white blood cells.

Introduction to Step 2 on Detoxing

Today I’m going to mention major toxins to avoid ingesting and next time we’ll talk about your environmental toxins and their affect on your system.  Then you’ll hear about your microbiomes and how they help your body defend itself.  There’s a lot more coming in the upcoming broadcasts. 

Smoking is a major toxin, not just cigarettes

First thing to cut down or cut out is smoking.  Anything that is producing ash and is laden with toxins, and breathing it into your lungs compromises your ability to get oxygen from the air.  It can be cigars, cigarettes, smog, second hand smoke, pot smoking, or breathing in campfire ash.

Compromising your lungs deprives you of oxygen

One of the major problems with the current pandemic is the virus affects the lung tissue in such a way that your body is starved of oxygen and it doesn’t even know it’s happening until it’s too late.  Some people brought into the hospital were measured with only a 70% oxygenation in their blood and they didn’t even realize it.  A lot of the people were complaining that it felt like an elephant was sitting on their chest.

The problem with smoking anything is that it is associated with emphysema and heart disease, both on the compromised list of people in the current pandemic.  

You can also see how it affects your systems by looking at long time smokers and how their lack of getting enough oxygen affects them for yourself.  You often see crepe-y skin, grayed, and looking older than their age.  

What you see on the outside is also happening on the inside.  Imagine opening up someone, like a surgeon does, and seeing all your organs sagging, wrinkled and greyed.  

So it isn’t just the lungs any more, it’s the heart, liver, adrenal glands, pancreas, kidneys, brain, and skin and more.  I know how difficult it is to quit smoking, one of the most difficult.  I’ve seen people try it and few succeed.  Those are the ones who get to live past 60 or survive a pandemic like this one.

Excess alcohol consumption affects two of your most important organs

The second thing to cut down on is alcohol consumption.  Although you may have heard of resveratrol, a red wine constituent that helps promote heart health.  The studies conducted in Europe were with very low alcohol content red wine and you can now buy this compound without the alcohol.  

There are a LOT of wine drinkers out there, they are clubs, wine tours, in both Europe and California, where people are totally into it.  They taste and drink one glass at a time, not a whole bottle.  If you are one of these, the one glass isn’t going to be an issue.

It’s the ongoing large scale consumption that’s a problem.

There are two major effects that over consumption of alcohol creates issues for.  The first is the effect on the brain.  As I mentioned yesterday, the brain must function for the body to heal properly.  It’s the first thing I heal when someone comes to me for help, whether they need it or not.  The brain must work properly for chronic pain to heal, for your glands, organs and systems to function properly and for your memory to stay intact.  

People going downhill with dementia or Alzheimer’s are perfect examples.  You see before your own eyes how things are failing, whether it’s quick, like a year or two or slowly, like lasting up to 8 years.  Drinking alcohol hastens this process.  

The second major effects is compromising your liver, your major blood detoxifying organ.  Your liver works very hard to get all that alcohol out of your body as quickly as possible.  Drinking alcohol is the major cause of cirrhosis, a hardening of parts of the liver.  It’s essentially cooking it from the inside out.  The liver can regenerate itself (the only organ that does so quickly) and can come back with only one third of it functioning.  This is another way to compromise yourself.  

Sugar consumption affects immunity directly

The last thing I’m going to talk about today is sugar consumption.  The average daily sugar consumption per capita in the USA is over a quarter pound.  That’s 3 to 4 cans of sugary soda per day.  Drinking 2 cans alone is known to suppress your immune system for up to 6 hours.  This is 2 12 oz or small cans.  

What about all those latte’s, chai, kombucha, sweet iced teas?  People love their sugary drinks.  But those drinks are hurting them by suppressing their immune systems.  

Sugar affects the way your white blood cells attack bacteria.  Certain non-nutritive sweeteners could be just as bad, and we’ll be talking about that next in another episode.

High sugar consumption also prevents you from eating nutritionally dense food like fruits, vegetables and nuts.

People on sugar or dextrose IV’s to help feed them while they can’t eat suffer blood vessel inflammation, which then causes the liver to send out bad cholesterol to help protect you from it.  Continual high sugar consumption also makes you prone to diabetes.

The more inflammation, the more your immune system is being taxed.  

Over all, a little sugar is not a problem.  Keeping it to a few grams a day.  One 12 oz soda has close to 40 grams and can send you over budget fast.  Instead eat your sugar in whole fruits or with fatty foods to help slow down their ingestion and incorporation into your blood stream to prevent those high blood sugar spikes that are so dangerous and lead to massive immune system suppression.

In Summary:

  • Cut down on smoking, even pot
  • Cut down alcohol consumption
  • Cut down on sugar consumption.

Join me next time as I talk about environmental toxins you might not be aware of and what to do about it.  

And then I’ll talk further about detoxing the easy way.


0:15   Intro

4:02   3 Toxic things to avoid to improve immunity

6:06   1.  Smoking, #1 toxin

10:22 2.  Alcohol consumption

16:34 3.  Sugar consumption

21:56 Summary

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