Boosting Your Immune System: Step 1 Detoxing

Jun 08, 2020

Because of the current pandemic, you may have been bombarded with a ton of stuff to buy, a lot of it expensive, playing on your fears.  There are also a lot of conspiracy theories using a modicum of truth sometimes and then playing on your fears again to make you believe their agenda.  

I want to put the power back into your hands.  

The fact is, that you are the one needing to get the job done.  I am going to take you through a series of brief tips on how to improve what you have.  It’s fast and simple but not easy to do in a lot of cases.  And it’s inexpensive.

Today I’m going to talk about detoxing.  

What is really involved in detoxing?  Why do you need to detox?  Do you need to do anything special to detox?  Do you need to follow a special diet to detox?  

Let’s think about this: what does the detoxing in your body? 

What is your immune system?

Let’s look to your gut.  You eat things.  It has bacteria, dirt, chemicals, drugs, etc.  and your body has to pick and choose out of what you swallow, how to get your nutrition or hydration out of the messy glob in your intestines. Your gut is the first line of defense.  It has a powerful component to your immune system handling the pathogens and foreign (and useless) matter, including toxic chemicals.  

There are several things that happen after something foreign is introduced into your body:

The leftover stuff enters your blood stream, when several organs are activated to improve your toxic levels:

  • Let’s start with your liver, a major detoxing organ.  It filters out all medications, all chemicals, and sends out cholesterol to take care of inflammation caused by what you’ve eaten (sugar, allergens, poisons).  
  • Your kidneys help filter your blood by continuing to remove metabolitic waste from your body. 
  • In addition, your skin sweats out what it doesn’t need, like excess salts.  
  • Your lymph system captures more chemicals and your spleen removes used up blood cells and other broken down proteins that can’t be used in the body.  
  • Your large intestine removes the unused portion of food in the form of fiber and what the liver and gall bladder shuffle into it.  

And I’m Just getting started. I haven’t even talked about your sinuses, throat, lungs or other mucous membranes or the white blood cells in your blood stream.  That will be later.  

So let’s reiterate quickly, just so I’m clear.  It starts in the intestine, then into the bloodstream where the liver, lymph, spleen, skin and kidneys are clearing out toxins.  Then the large intestine is shuffling out the left overs from digestion as well as what the liver and gall bladder dumps there to remove from the body.

Isn’t the body a true miracle?

So, you can see why then that any one thing you do is not going to work, meaning that one vitamin, one mineral, one herb, or drug, doesn’t hold the answer to keeping you healthy.  It’s looking at the robustness and resilience that is going to make your health bulletproof.

If your body is healthy and functioning well (and you are taking care of it), you won’t need to do a special detox.  If you are doing what’s needed to maintain a healthy immune system, your body will keep you relatively clean.  There are some exceptions, like if you are living or working in a particularly toxic environment.  You may need some extra help.

Right now, we are going to talk about basics self care.  

The first thing you should do to help your body clean up is drink water.  Not beer, not coffee, not wine, not soda.  Water.  Herbal tea might be an exception.  It should be at least two quarts a day of filtered or spring water.  If you are larger than average or very active, it could go up to a gallon.

Here are a few reasons why drinking plenty of water helps:

  • Whenever your body takes on toxins, its natural tendency is to bloat you up to dilute it.  It is trying to wash the poison out of your system.  It helps your kidneys and skin flush it out.  
  • Your brain is 90% water and needs hydration to function well.  The more fluid you drink in the morning to replenish it, the faster it comes on line.  In the years of doing healing work, the first thing I do for new clients is heal the brain because your body’s immune system needs your brain to function optimally.  
  • Your skin plumps up and starts looking and working healthier. You even look years younger. Your skin is a major detox organ. 
  • Your blood is 83% water and needs the added fluid to do its detoxing throughout the body efficiently. 
  • Even your bone is 22% water but produces all of your red blood cells (which carry the oxygen around for your body to do work, expend energy, and repair itself) and 70% of your white blood cells, one of your first lines of defense against pathogens. 
  • Getting enough water will also help reduce headaches, muscle cramps, fatigue, constipation, and depression.  It will improve exercise, cognitive function, digestion, mood, weight control, and youthful appearance.  

One of the most difficult things I have had to do is getting my elderly parents and clients to drink more water: they don’t want to bother getting up to go to the bathroom.  They then become susceptible to bladder infections, other infections, diabetes, and other elder issues.  

A good place to start your water consumption is early in the morning:   drink two glasses right away.  It replenishes and jump starts your brain.

 The energy of the water can be improved by writing happy messages on the bottle.  I have joy, happiness, love, enlightenment, peace, family on my bottles.  We know that the thoughts that get imprinted in the water changes the way water crystallizes, which is a reflection on the energy put in by those thoughts.  

We also know from science this to be true:  The energy field of peaceful happy people radiates out is a smooth high frequency wave form while angry people radiate out a jagged low frequency wave form.  Since we are 70% water, imagine if you’ve got water coming into you with high frequency happy thoughts imprinted into it how it will do you good.  That’s my only energy healing tip of the day.

Energy healing tips:

The other things you can do when you wake up is smile, be grateful you are here, alive at this moment, and take a deep breath while stretching your shoulders back and straightening your spine.  All these are proven ways to improve your mood and help your body run more smoothly.

In summary, Your immune system is a complex set of checks and balances in the body.  It is designed to keep your insides clean of things that will harm it, like chemicals and pathogens.  Today I specifically mentioned the digestive system, the skin, liver, kidneys, lymph, and large intestine.  All these need to be working well to protect you. 

The first step in doing that improving your immune system is by drinking at least 2 liters or quarts of water every day.  Other ways to get your body to run better is to take some deep breaths, stand up straight, and smile.  

Next, I’m going to continue the topic of detoxing to help boost your immune system and more deceptively simple steps to accomplish that.  


1:45 What is your immune system.

3:21  What is involved in detoxing?

4:47 What is activated in your immune system?

6:30  The importance of your bone marrow

8:06  Your brain and water.

9:52  Your blood and water

10:10  Your bones and water

10:47 other benefits of hydrating

12:36 Starting your day with 2 glasses

14:39 How to raise the healing power of your water

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