Energy healing tips to manifest your dreams: Getting to commitment

Jan 28, 2021

Have you ever promised yourself that you are going to accomplish something, like start a business, write a book, sort your pictures into albums or lose some weight but never got very far? Is your house full of unfinished projects that are sucking your energy down?

What is it that stops you from succeeding?

Sometimes, you make huge strides in progress and other times, you drag yourself out of bed and there doesn't seem to be any difference in your outside circumstances. One of the major stopping blocks is the way you value yourself and keeping your word to yourself. Another is that the "dream" isn't really what you want.

These are big decisions you must make to take it a step further: Is this a "dream" you really want? Does your opinion of yourself change if you are a different weight? Does your opinion of yourself change if you are a success in a business? And does your opinion of yourself change if you write a book? These are good questions to journal about. Basically, if you are trying to please others in accomplishing this goal, then generally it is the wrong goal.

The way you value yourself is the next big decision to make. Do you hold other people's opinions of your higher than your own? Do you think you are less valuable than someone else? If you had an angry partner that stressed you out so much, you got sick, who would you choose - them or you? I had to answer that question 26 years ago. I chose me.

Take small steps to take your life back

The first practice to raise your energy or vibrational frequency when you find yourself in this situation is to keep promises to yourself. Make a small one an do one a day. Start with something that you want to accomplish. Let's say, writing a book. Promise yourself that you are going to write for 20 minutes starting at 7 am. Write for 20 minutes. Then move to something else.

The next step to reclaiming your life is to honor yourself in other ways. Release old, worn out stained clothes, furniture, shoes, cookware, or anything else that tells others you don't respect yourself. If it's a favorite, repair or replace. Releasing the past allows for an unencumbered future.

Get daily exercise. It releases stress. When you schedule your needs first, everything else actually gets done without the wear and tear on your psyche.

The small steps add up to big progress

Each little step you take for yourself will snowball into huge progress. You can overestimate what you accomplish in the short term but greatly underestimate what happens in the long term. Committing to two to three hours a week on your dreams helps manifest them a lot more quickly than you imagined.

The main concept to manifesting is to start with one small commitment, keep your promise to yourself, and move to the next step. It can me as simple as clearing out the old, broken or stained items in your life. Get clearer by Waking Up Your Brain

Timeline for this broadcast

2:07 Promises to myself broken
3:11 People that care for others put themselves last
4:25 Old worn stained clothes dishonor you, release them
5:53 Releasing the past allows for a NEW future
6:16 Exercising at home during pandemic
9:52 Seek to keep one promise to yourself a day
11:27 The most important opinion someone has of you is yours
16:01 Your decisions can affect generations to come

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