Energy healing & nutritional tips to boost your physical and mental energy: stop needing stimulants

Jan 25, 2021


2/3 of Americans are suffering from adrenal insufficiency due to stress and overwhelm. Adrenal insufficiency leads to lack of restful sleep, wooziness when standing up, tiredness, and inability to wake up with your old energy. The longer it goes on, it leads to other glands and organs being overtaxed and failing.

While you are stressed, your body is in the sympathetic system, which tears your body down. Healing doesn't happen and the rest of your body weakens, including your immune system.

After working with thousands of people, the other two systems most affected are your thyroid and your liver. These are what I heal the most to help people feeling better, getting their energy back and feeling like their younger selves again.

You'll hear about 5 tips for helping heal your adrenal glands, bringing them back to their youthful state. You'll stop needing stimulants like coffee, regular tea, energy drinks, and colas.

The linked 11-minute healing audio helps calm your adrenals fast, lowers your blood pressure, brings your mind to clarity and productivity, and eventually rewires it to a calmer state.

1:12 Domino effect of gland/organ failure due to stress
8:39 Take a one-minute meditation or breathing break.
11:25 Cut down on white sugar/flour consumption to keep blood sugar stable.
14:31 Drink 2 to 4 quarts of water per day
15:07 Get plenty of restful sleep before midnight
16:46 Use adaptogens

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