How Low Self-Worth and Distorted Sense of Self Stops YOU from Leaving Abusive/ Toxic Relationships

Jan 19, 2021

See if you recognize someone you know in the following story: a lot of very intelligent, thoughtful and even awakened women allow behavior towards them that would make most people cringe. I was reminded of this while witnessing the following toxic relationship:

A mid 30s male came in screaming obscenities at his former girlfriend making threats and demands in front of her and her friends/family. She cowered and followed him out of the yard, trying to calm him down.

This is someone she had been in a long term relationship and even had a child with him six years ago.

She is attempting to move on and finds it hard. For most of us, it’s a no-brainer but for many men and women, letting go and moving on is incredibly hard. Have you ever witnessed something like this and don’t know what to do how to help either party?

What are some of the key issues that keep toxic relationships going?

In this episode, Anastasia shares insights about abusive relationships, including two of the most common reasons women don't leave their abusive partners. It has nothing to do with intelligence. Listen in to discover ways you can overcome some of these.

In this series on relationships, she is going to explore why smart people stay in painful and toxic relationships. And most importantly, what to do about it.

Standout Quotes on Toxic / Abusive Relationships:

  • "Relationships are energetically very complex, and are at the top of that though, that list of factors that are important for your health, longevity, happiness, and even your wealth."
  • "Early relationships often lead to distorted thoughts about yourself and what a healthy relationship should look like."
  • "Set clear boundaries for people to avoid people controlling your life."
  • "When people try to make you feel incompetent and incapable, they're the ones that are insecure, not you."
  • "Allow yourself to release anger as you have the power to take back your life."

Key Takeaways on my smart women/ men stay in abusive relationships:

  • The distorted sense of self can keep you stuck in a relationship you should be leaving.
  • Instead of letting others decide your path for you, you get to choose.
  • Other people's opinion of you matters less than your own. Don't let old history drag your feelings of self-worth down. •
  • It can take a long time to recognize that you are in emotional pain. •
  • You can use symbolic exercises to release anger, things said to you, and toxic relationships/concepts to help release them from your life. In the examples mentioned, it was burning up criticisms, pulling weeds, and beating a pillow with a bat.

Episode Timeline:

2:56 12 energetic connections in relationships
4:15 Reason 1: distorted view of oneself
6:39 Reason 2: Your self-worth is damaged
8:20 Symptom: Unable to connect with others
8:52 Symptom: accept other people’s opinions or critiques as facts
9:07 Symptom: feel incapable of managing life alone
10:32 Symptom: unable to recognize own emotional pain
11:18 Symptom: emotionally immobilized
11:51 Symptom: second-guess your actions and words
12:31 Symptom: Physical illness
13:26 Tip 1: Physically release stored rage
13:56 Tip 2: Symbolically remove toxic ideas and people
15:16 Tip 3: Remember that you are a perfect Divine Being
15:50 Tip 4: Find a way to see yourself as others do (healthy people)
17:20 Tip 5: Let go of the low energy labels others give you
19:15 Tip 6: Free relationship healing program (value $97) at

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