What is the quantum field? Evidence of creating a new reality from it.

Jan 29, 2021

You’re about to hear what a quantum field is from a physicists point of view and how you can use it to create or manifest a new reality. https://scientifichealer.com/appointment

If you are in any way involved with the spiritual community, the people that are helping you create miracles for yourself, you have probably heard of the quantum field as this place where anything is possible.

It is also described as a place where anything is possible. I have heard healers talk about reaching into the quantum field to do their healing. It is not what most people perceive it to be.

Today, you'll discover where the quantum field is, what it does, and how it can benefit you

Imagine for a moment that everything has a field around it.  Your own field, also called your aura, it’s invisible, measurable by instrumental means.  

Now imagine the Earth’s magnetic field is a reflection of what is happening to the liquid metal in motion in the Earth’s core.  You can measure the extent of the field, you can check the flow easily with a wire loop and a volt meter.  

A quantum field is different in the sense that it is basically the matter that this physical world is made of.  There are some laws that seems strange in the sense they don’t follow the Newtonian laws that we are used to in the macro world.  

Quantum laws are bizarre by comparison to the physics you know

There’s the uncertainty principle which doesn’t allow a simultaneous measurement of both the position and velocity of a body.  It really has to do with the concept that atomic sized particles have wave properties.  

If you try to take a measurement on these quantum sized particles, the act of looking at them causes disturbances such that it changes the result. 

An example of this happening in the macro world was seen in the following experiment.  A machine was set up to randomly flash red and green lights.  If the observers were told to make sure that the flashes were evenly distributed between red and green, they found it to be so.

If the observers were told then that they would observed a much larger proportion of red flashes, to focus on this and come back with the results.  Instead of 50/50, they observed 55/45. 

This experiment went further.  They recorded the results ahead of time.  They told the observers the same thing, the recordings in which they were told they would see 50/50, that’s what they got.  And the recordings in which they were told there were more red flashes than green flashes, that’s that they got.  Then when they told a new set of observers to look at the recordings, it’s as if the first observers “fixed” the results.  

The experimenters couldn’t explain the results except for the observer effect, which is found in the quantum world.

A quantum result in the macro world in which the observer actually controls the result is a prime example of manifestation. It puts the power right back in your hands to create the world you want.

You are the quantum field.  It is not in some other dimension.  It’s in this one.  And armed with the information from the red-green light experiment, you know you can create new things right in this reality.  

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