Step 6 to Improve Your Immunity: Nutritional/ lifestyle support with focus on your adrenal glands.

Jul 17, 2020

Improve Your Immune Function with Nutritional - lifestyle support with focus on your adrenal glands.

Your Adrenal Glands Are Important Energy Producers

When I see people with exhausted adrenals, they also have overtaxed thyroid glands and livers not working well. These are your major energy supplying system. They need to function well for optimal immunity.

Today, you’ll hear about nutritional support for your adrenal glands, including lifestyle, supplements, and herbs that have been very helpful for people like you that come to me for help.

Two Proven Lifestyle Tips to Improve Your Health and Reduce Underlying Conditions

1. Your first tip: have at least 3, better 4, small feedings a day at least 3 hours apart but no more than 5. Studies have shown that keeping your blood sugar stable throughout the day reduces the stresses on the body. People that ate frequent small meals also showed reduced number of heart attacks, strokes, and inflammation leading to high cholesterol or triglycerides. In other words, they were healthier.

2. An addendum to the meal frequency suggestion is to start meals with proteins, fats and vegetables. The purpose of this is to introduce foods that slow the uptake of blood sugar into your body so you don’t have a rapid sugar rise and then a crash.

Nutritional Support for Your Adrenal Glands

3. Try brain boosting foods.

A. L-tyrosine is an amino acid and a precursor to dopamine and component of thyroid hormone.If you need it, you will notice increased mental alertness and more energy. Usually 1000 mg is enough for a morning dose taken half hour before meals to prevent food interference is enough. Good brands are inexpensive, e.g., &

B. L-carnitine helps the liver supply energy to the muscles. A therapeutic dose is 2 grams a day; it usually comes in 500 mg tablets or This is not a cheap supplement because of the purity standards needed.

C. Organic cacao powder has a very high anti-oxidant content and contains a beneficial alkaloid to your body and delicious in smoothies. You’ll have to test out which brand you like the best:, or

Please test things out one at a time to see if you gain any benefit from them. Keep testing until you're on the minimum to keep you going optimally. Some people just keep taking tons of supplements, even a cup filled with pills each meal, which is expensive and unnecessary.

Adaptogens Can Transform Your Response to Stress

4. *Adaptogens* are a class of food that help calm the anxiety or stress down or improve your response to stress (and sometimes this topic is controversial). Here are my top few that I found very helpful (and notice if I stop them). Note that you have to take them for at least 3 weeks to notice an effect.

A. Siberian ginseng or eleuthero. Aside from helping the body cope with stress, it acts as a stimulant to the nervous system and boosts energy levels. It stimulates the immune system, stabilizes blood sugar, improves concentration and reduces the duration and intensity of respiratory infections. or

B. Ashwaganda, a nightshade which you may be allergic to. You can get it in tea or powder form (doesn’t taste that good, it’s an acquired taste) or in capsules

It has a variety of uses, such as reducing inflammation and blood pressure while increasing the activity of your immune cells and thyroid gland.

C. Maca root powder improves libido, fertility, mood, and symptoms of adrenal fatigue. or

D. Rhodiola rosea reduces cortisol output in times of stress and increases energy/enhances concentration. You might even want to rotate the different options in and out to help with effectiveness. pill or powder

One of the best immune boosting tips is to keep your adrenals in tip-top shape. Get your free 11 minute audio that helps relax your adrenal glands and does basic energy hygiene for you at

Time line for video

  • 7:31  1.  Eat at least 3 better 4 meals a day
  • 9:52  2.  Eat protein and fibrous foods first (vegetables)
  • 12:16  3.  Adrenal support foods and supplements
  • 12:52  L-tyrosine
  • 14:19  L-carnitine
  • 14:57  Cacao Powder - Organic
  • 15:56  4.  Adaptogens
  • 16:56  Siberian Ginseng or Eleuthero
  • 18:10  Ashwaganda (nightshade, so careful)
  • 19:43  Maca root powder
  • 20:42  Rhodiola Rosea

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