Choosing Your Quantum Reality Effortlessly

May 03, 2019

When you are in a difficult situation where you see no way out, try creating a new reality using the steps outlined in this broadcast. Use this audio to get prepared for manifesting with ease:

You might find yourself in a job, a home life, or a friendship that is a constant onslaught to your sensitive self. Examples are situations that are causing you to continually defend yourself, protect yourself or maintain your boundaries.

In this simple process that I've used successfully a number of times, you are no longer in the situation of struggle, fighting, and needing to go to drastic measures. Instead, you are radiating out the creation of the new reality, while taking steps to ensure it happens, that it comes into being with ease and grace.

Timeline of this video

0:09 Introduction to changing your current reality
2:59 1. write down a clear vision of your new reality
4:23 2. Live into the new reality via your words and reactions
6:48 3. Take affirmative steps into the new reality
8:48 Summary: selecting reality from all quantum possibilities
10:00 How to get into a state for creation of new reality
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