Four Straightforward Steps to Overcome Dysfunctional Behavior in Relationships

May 20, 2019

In this broadcast, you'll hear about some of the top coping behaviors you could develop growing up in a dysfunctional family. You'll also hear about 4 straightforward strategies for overcoming this behavior.

Dysfunctional families come in many forms. It could include suffering trauma such as verbal or physical abuse, lack of parental support so you have to become the responsible person, addiction in the family, or a parent being absent from divorce, death or incarceration.

This brings about certain behaviors that are basically coping, surviving and feeling safe. There are shame, trust, guilt, and feelings of unworthiness. I grew up in some of that. I married into it. It wasn't until I could heal certain things in my life that I came out from under that cloud.

In today's broadcast, I will talk about three dysfunctional strategies that could be holding you back from a happy and free, fulfilling and enjoyable life. I also give you 4 straightforward steps or strategies to help overcome the dysfunctional behavior.

Timeline in this program:

2:42 Coping Behavior 1: Staying quiet
3:20 Coping Behavior 2: Not trusting anyone
4:41 Coping Behavior 3: Going numb
6:29 Step 1: Feel your body in the moment, Get present
7:01 Step 2: Ask yourself, "Am I safe right now?"
7:56 Step 3. Set your boundaries
11:01 Step 4. Release low energy emotions like anger and fear
12:33 Release with guided meditation,
14:25 Clear your relationships,

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