Pain-Free After Eleven Years of Fibromyalgia

Apr 13, 2013

My 26 year old son contracted fibromyalgia shortly after turning 14.  It took nearly six years to diagnose, which is about the average time to diagnosis.  He was in pain from head to toe and due to the depletion of brain neurotransmitters, which also contributed to his depression.  I was also in pain watching a vibrant happy child turn into a depressed and dark teen.

The usual problem with being in so much pain is that the seratonin is fully depleted, rendering any kind of pain medication useless.  Even high doses of vicodin did nothing to put a dent in the pain. He said it did nothing for him and he couldn’t even notice any effects from “withdrawal”.

A visit to a doctor who crosses into Asian “medicine” really helped show how 5-htp, which is a precursor to seratonin, helped the effectiveness of pain medication. Psychiatry that has moved into more natural solutions use 5-HTP as a natural mood stabilizer. He then spend the next few years balancing a seratonin reuptake inhibitor and vicodin to make life bearable.

In early June, 2012, after obtaining permission, I started energy work on him. He lived in Seattle, and I in LA and since I know him, I could connect with him and heal him without being on the phone. First I did a general restructuring of the energy flow in his body, clearing the energy body from stuck issues, all which are part of the scientific healing protocols I use on all my clients.

I then energized and did a rebooting of the detoxing parts of his body, including liver, thyroid, kidneys, intestine, and detoxed the carrier fluid in the body.  I sent healing energy to the pain, cleared it out.   He called me the next day and asked if I had worked on him.  I said yes. He commented that it was obvious and the pain subsided substantially

I waited two weeks, then refreshed or repeated the healing.  Then a third time in three weeks. It has been over 10 months without any need for vicodin.  He was weaned off his antidepressant. The caring for people in this much pain takes a constant vigilance but has led him to be able to lead a “normal” live, one without being in so much pain and be able to partake in normal activities, including physical exertion.

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