What is a quantum healing or quantum leap and how to make it last?

Oct 19, 2018

You're about to hear about quantum healing via the quantum field, what a quantum leap is in energy medicine, and how you can make it permanent. 

Have you ever wondered what all the quantum talk is about? Get it straight from a physicist that has worked in vibrational and quantum physics while also in tune to the other dimensional worlds.

You can't get to the quantum field, you are living in the quantum field.  Basically, quantum healing is about getting to a state of no time and no space, which is just timeless information that has no dimension.  It is impossible to imagine.  Yet, you can find free apps that can get you from dimensional space to information space for your phone.

Look for Fourier Transform Frequency Tuners to Understand the Quantum Field.

You'll find that you can go from time vs. intensity as in this scan of me singing the e-note on a guitar: 

to a timeless piece of information of which frequencies sound off in my voice.  This is two separate views of me singing the same note.

Now you have some idea of how the quantum field works.  It's as if you are traveling at the speed of light.  Time and dimension shrink to a point and all you have left is the information or frequency.   If this is bending your mind, it's basic physics that is usually beyond the reach of the average education.  Even though you don't understand how something works, like a car, you do know that when you start the engine and step on the gas, the car will move.

Likewise in the world of physics.  You don't have to understand how gravity or light works in order to see its effects.  We can describe the result, yet no one understands how it works.  It's explained simply in the video....

You can make your instantaneous or quantum healing (or quantum leap) permanent.  It takes a certain amount of time for your body to stick with the energy habits and how it will certainly revert if you don't. It's not rocket science and it's not even quantum science. It's just science. Enjoy.

The time line for making a quantum leap permanent:

0:21 What is the quantum field?
1:01 Energy is proportional to frequency; E= constant x f
1:28 How quantum leaps occur.
2:15 Connecting to other dimensions.
2:33 Free app: Fourier Transform Frequency (sound) Tuners
3:37 Can you imagine dimension with no time and no space?
4:50 What happens when you move at light speed?
5:17 Reaching into quantum field
6:26 Why does healing revert?
7:57 Simple daily habits resets your energy permanently
9:13 It takes 90 days

[embedyt] https://youtu.be/T7tLjTmS3dU[/embedyt]

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