How to have healthier relationships by healing yourself first: releasing your emotional baggage

Sep 01, 2021

In this broadcast, you will discover methods for releasing your old emotional baggage.  You also hear about how to have healthier relationships, past and present, by healing yourself first.

Its human nature to be influenced by your experiences and have those experiences affect the way you perceive and respond to any new interactions or experiences. You can’t change your childhood.  You can heal from it.  When you heal, you change what and who you attract because you change what you radiate out in terms of frequency.

Relationship healing consists of two main components. 

  • Clearing your genetic and energetic patterns, including your emotional baggage,
  • Clearing up the connections to others

What about improving the relationship you’re already in?

If you are feeling any emotional reaction other than gratitude or neutrality to your current or former relationship, something is still unresolved, and you keep calling them back to you with your strong emotional reactions.  This is all part of your emotional baggage.  It’s you that needs to be healed, not looking for that next great relationship.  You can bring new life to your current relationship or if you’re looking to stop repeating the same relationship patterns. 

Here are some of the steps to releasing your hot emotional connections. 

  1. Stop enjoying your hot emotions. Some people like getting angry and telling everyone about it.  People will then sympathize with you and help you stay in the injustice and fury.  This is poison to you.  You are not hurting anyone but yourself by keeping yourself in the drama.  You are punishing your body by not allowing it to heal, which it can’t do in a stressed-out state.
  2. When you are experiencing your low-frequency emotions, cut the cord to the thought by dropping your arm down three times between you and the person or object that’s stoking those emotions. You are releasing the connection. 
  3. You can also say a simple mantra every morning that goes like this: “All the times and all the ways, I’m 1% less furious.” Repeat it ten times every morning while noticing what you are feeling in your body. Imagine that emotion dropping into the earth as you’re speaking it.  I have released plenty of emotional turmoil and changed the way I reacted to situations just by doing this.

Standout Quotes on emotional release:

  • “You can’t change your childhood, but you can heal from it.”
  • “It’s not all tragic if your relationship is an emotional wasteland.”
  • “It’s you that needs to be healed first.  Looking for that next great relationship is not a solution.”
  • “You’re only hurting yourself by keeping yourself in the drama, and you’re punishing your body by not allowing it to heal.”

Key Takeaways on healing relationships:

  • When you allow yourself to heal, you begin to change your frequency, and you change what and who you attract in your relationships.
  • If you feel any emotional reaction to another person other than gratitude or neutrality towards your current or former relationship, something is still unresolved with them.
  • After clearing Lucille's emotional baggage, her husband started treating her more respectfully and thoughtfully. Lucille is also much happier with herself and her relationship.
  • You only heal when your adrenals are calm.
  • When you see something, you have an emotional reaction, and then you justify the reaction by making a story up about it.
  • When you decide to stop repeating the same relationship patterns and seek help to clear your emotional baggage, you start bringing new life to your current relationship.

Episode Timeline

[00:18] Two Main Components of Relationship Healing
[01:41] The Story of Lucille and her Marriage
[03:50] Clearing out Lucille’s emotional baggage
[07:34] Steps to Release Emotional Connections
[07:40] Stop Enjoying Your Hot Emotions
[09:03] Cut the Cord to the Thought
[10:40] Saying a simple mantra
[12:56] Spine exercises to help release the stress inside the body
[15:58] How Journaling can Help with Releasing Emotional Baggage

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