Energy healing tips on how to know and accept yourself: become impervious to criticism and boost your confidence

Jan 28, 2021

Know yourself, said Socrates. The second half of this directive is to accept yourself, which can help you gain confidence, grow your inner peace, and alter your life dramatically.

What does repel criticism mean

Have you ever watched two different people receive the same critique? One crumbles while the other lets it slide off his or her back? What’s the difference? They were the same words said for the same reason. If you are impervious to criticism you know yourself very well. So, if you hear a criticism, you can let it go when it isn’t true and hear it when it is. This allows you to change for the better.

If you are sensitive to every criticism coming your way, it speaks to a lack of confidence more than being thin-skinned. One of my former mentors got very upset when he was criticized publicly even though he had made some of the biggest advances in science during his day. It made no sense until I got to know him well personally. He was very timid despite being a geniius.

It just shows you that talent has no bearing on whether you repel criticism. There are so many other factors.

Accepting yourself with all your flaws is the first step.

It might sound trite to you, but when you accept yourself with all your flaws, it makes your life so much easier. Think about it. If you are okay with being a little lazy on a day, or a little overweight, or a little sloppy, or a little less than perfect, you can accept it. When you are okay with it on that day, you can be relaxed. The tension and stress leaves and when someone else is critical, you can let it roll off your back. It’s not you, it’s them.

And when you accept your own perceived flaws, you can accept it in others. So if someone is overly tense or overly annoying, you can let it go because that’s just a momentary lapse. I learned to see my parents differently after I went through the three processes I am about to describe. It also made our relationship a lot closer and warmer. The barriers that were mainly mine came down.

Steps to releasing the self-critiques

Do a physical representation of your feelings. In my case, when I got angry at something my mom said to me, I went outside with my weed digger and dug up all the weeds one by one. The anger got released because each weed was a criticism that didn’t belong to me. Once my garden was clear, my anger was gone, and so were the criticisms since they didn’t belong to me in the first place. It was very cathartic.

I also got my son’s plastic baseball bat, locked myself in my room, and beat a pillow with all my might to release the pent-up anger. I yelled after each strike about what was bothering me. The release of all that energy and tension really raised my vibrational frequency. I no longer had those low energy emotions running through my body wreaking havoc. Instead, a peace with calm acceptance of my life and what I lived through came over me.

Another breakthrough came when I started doing the choosing instead of being chosen. I no longer waited in the wings to see if someone would pick me or decide whether something was going to work out. Instead, I spoke my mind and made my own decisions. The interesting thing about that is that other people like decisive people and my worry of not being liked never came to pass. Trust and believe in yourself.

One eye-opening episode for me was seeing myself in a video doing my daily things in the light-hearted approach I take to most things. I had been criticized for so long, I felt wrong all the time. Watching a funny, nice, attractive person in this video changed my opinion of myself. I asked, why is this person being so criticized. They look normal, like everyone else.

Through these processes and others, I gained confidence in myself, saw myself more accurately instead of through the eyes of a constant critic, and have now been able to let incorrect criticism roll off my back. If it’s right, I can take action then forget about it. Life is so much easier that way.

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Timeline for this broadcast

0:55 Accept yourself
4:31 Criticism no longer stings
6:14 Shame disappears
6:51 Do a physical representation of your feelings
7:51 Release your anger productively
11:31 You choose instead of being chosen
12:01 You become immune to incorrect criticism
13:13 You can accept other people’s flaws easily
13:59 Summary of processes

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