Essential Core Values for Healthy and Successful Relationships

May 20, 2019

In today's broadcast, you'll hear about two of the most essential core values in healthy and successful relationships. If you don't have these two, it is going to be a tough road to getting them back to health.

The values I'm talking about today are trust and respect. In dysfunctional relationships, people will cross your boundaries, in other words, mind your business for you, as well as not allow the other person to be themselves and accepting their decisions.

Trust is a deep belief that you can be around another and feel safe. Feeling safe is essential. The respect is not only you being respectful, but also you being respected. Hear what that might mean for you and solutions to helping you achieve them.

Timeline in this program.

3:25 #1 Core Value: Trust
7:36 #2 Core Value: Respect
13:45 Free

Watch this program below:

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